Our operating philosophy is one of knowing no limits and at all times observing the values of humility and integrity. Excellence is etched in our culture and achieved quietly.

The Komen Capital name was inspired by a young Kenyan runner who had never raced outside his own country and whom few outside his country had ever heard of. In 1996 and 1997 Daniel Komen put together the two most astonishing years of distance running the world has ever seen, winning dozens of races against top-flight competition and setting numerous world records, some of which are still on the books. No athlete has ever done what he did over a two-year period. He didn't know any limits, was an uninhibited runner, had no fear of times or other runners and he didn't understand what it was to be nervous before a race. In July 1997 he travelled to Hechtel, Belgium, to make a bid for the two-mile world record, which Gebrselassie had lowered to 8:01.10 earlier that year.

Komen ran the first mile of the two-mile race in 3:59.4. That's exactly the time Roger Bannister posted when he ran history’s first sub-four-minute mile in 1954. And then Komen did it again, running a second 3:59.4 mile to set a new world record of 7:58.61 and become the first human to run back-to-back sub-four miles. He remains the only sub-eight-minute two-miler today. The milestone, symbolic of how far human performance had progressed in the second half of the 20th century, elicited surprisingly little fanfare. In fact, the only media attention devoted to the breakthrough concerned the lack of media attention.


Komen Capital, now headquartered in Europe with offices in London and Cape Town, is a leading adviser to companies seeking to shape, build and realise value in the marketing, communications, technology and media industries. Our M&A and Corporate Finance experience in the sector is unrivalled. We have advised on several of the highest profile transactions in the sector in Africa and have a wealth of experience in Emerging Markets.



Komen Capital provides independent strategic advice and shrewd deal-making expertise to the premier marketing, communications, digital and technology entrepreneurs, companies and investors. We are specialists in understanding what it takes to build category leadership in these sectors. We combine this knowledge with access to buyers, investors and partners that can make a real difference to our clients. Our focus on the sector, financial acumen and empathy for entrepreneurs is what sets our counsel apart.


Objective Counsel

We have a reputation for providing sincere and objective strategic counsel to clients across the marketing, communications, technology and media spectrum. We have long enduring relationships with our clients and provide advisory services and guidance on acquisitions, the sale of business interests or investments, international expansion and exit planning.


Mergers & Acquisitions

When entrepreneurs and investors are planning to sell their business, they need a trusted partner. Komen Capital, now headquartered in Europe with offices in London and Cape Town, has been the leading adviser in the sector in Africa over the past 5 years representing the biggest names in the South African and African marketing, communications, technology and media sectors. Steering and guiding the principals of these companies requires plenty of emotional intelligence. The negotiation process and intensive level of the due diligence is demanding on the parties involved as it often entails working with buyers in continents far away. Komen Capital assists and guides entrepreneurs along their journey. It is our passion. We have concluded deals with all of the top global marketing and communications holding companies and most of our M&A deals have a cross-border solution.



Larry Katz is founder and CEO of Komen Capital and has many years experience advising and investing in Africa's category leaders in marketing, communications, technology and media sectors.

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